The Archive

Our archive consists of written summaries of the previous residencies. Here you will get a more detailed description of our activities along with personal comments.



This year’s residency was filled with high expectations from the start. Participants and members of the organising team travelled from 10 different countries including Romania, Portugal, Taiwan and Argentina! The work submitted by the participants was outstanding so everyone was looking forward to having an insight on each of the photographers work.

The first day of the residency was spent cycling and walking in the Lake District of Jutland, a truly beautiful landscape that provided the ideal atmosphere for everyone to get to know each other and prepare for the intense days to come.

During the second and third days we welcomed the artists Jens Olof Lasthein and David Barnes who presented their work in a very inspiring way and engaged in discussing photography, personal work and issues surrounding artistic practice.

The Independent AIR discussions on photographic work are a little more that the regular 20-minute portfolio reviews the participants might have previously experienced. The reviews were extremely intense and thorough. All the participants and guest artists analysed and considered the work using different cultural and personal frameworks that made each conversation unique and valuable.

Our fourth day welcomed local artists to The Independent AIR residency. The participants and the visitors displayed their work in the garden and had very interesting conversations over tea and cake. The local Television channel also visited the residency and asked two of the participants to accompany them in a walk through Silkeborg, making pictures and sharing their work with the local community.

The fifth day was spent with Adam Jeppesen, our last guest artist this year. Adam gave a brilliant talk that contributed to the participants understanding of his work using photographs, and to rethink the contemporary art world in relation to the ‘photography world’.

In between our activities we had time to enjoy the beautiful organic food conceived and prepared by Helle Kofoed, the author of several cookbooks and her lovely daughter Selma.

Many of the participants enjoyed swimming in the clear lake and went for walks in their spared time. An early walk into the nearby woods at dawn is becoming somewhat of a tradition at The Independent AIR and once more everyone loved it.

This year we have tried out the ‘Print Swap Bike’ scheme where local people could lend their bikes for a week in exchange for a fine art inkjet photographic print by some of the artists in residency. We are pleased to say the the scheme worked out extremely well and that the 14 bikes we have used were indispensable to our transportation during the residency.

Before starting to think about our exhibition we have also organised an Artist Talk event at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad. Each of the participants presented their work to the local community and the exchange of views was very positive.

The last few days of the residency were spent preparing and putting up The Independent AIR 2014 exhibition in the heart of Silkeborg in a beautiful villa right by the water front.

The participants and the team were busy curating, producing, mounting and installing the selected projects and all the hard work and long nights paid off when it came to the opening night. A mix of local people and visitors from different corners of Denmark joined us in the private view on the last day of our residency. The artists were happy to talk about their work and about their experience in Denmark at The Independent AIR.

The night finished with a lovely sushi dinner and a memorable goodbye party by the warm fire.

A warm thank you to all the participantsguest artists, volunteers, and cooks for the wonderful time we have spent together this summer.

The Independent AIR residency would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors and partners!

Thank you all for your helping us making it happen!

For a detailed account and more photographs of the 2014 residency please visit our AIRblog.



On the 14th of June 2013, the participants arrived to the residency from England, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. A smaller group of three participants had already been on the site for a few days to help prepare, make food, put up a tents, connect the portable toilet and bath, together with the Thastum family. 

The following five days of the residency were filled with intense and interesting portfolio reviews, discussions, visits to local artists studio, the Museo Jorn, the Silkeborg Museum and the Artist Talk at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad. 

Our portfolio reviews were guided by the guest artists Ada Bligaard Soby, Maria Fonfara and Ulrik Heltoft. These were inspirational, focused and very exiting. The three guests contributed with presentations of their own work and they guided the discussion and dialogue about each of the participant's work and progress. Through the diverse range of works and methodologies, the concept of 'art' was put up to discussion. Shared experiences and constructive criticism were key elements to the positive outcome of the five days. Everyone was so engaged there was barely time to eat the delicious organic homemade food prepared by Line. 

During the week we also visited the Museum Jorn, which contains the local and internationally acclaimed artist Asger Jorn (1914-1973). The visit led to further discussion between the participants about how Asger Jorn can inspire art and creative collaborative projects today. Some participants also visited the local historical museum in Silkeborg, and others met with the local artist Nurith Lumer-Klabbers to hear about her work and see her beautiful studio. 

Tuesday afternoon the local TV station came on a short visit to film the portfolio reviews taking place. It was a good experience and we were happy to see The Independent AIR 'on air' later that day. 

In the spare time, many went for walks, swimming in the lake or took bike rides in the beautiful countryside. A special highlight was the very early morning walk at dawn in the nearby woods. 

On Friday, the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad hosted the Artist Talk, the closing event of the residency. We had a full house and very positive and engaged responses from both audience and residency participants. The event was meant to be informal and the audience could come and go as they pleased. Nonetheles everyone stayed for the two hour long talk, to listen and engage with the eleven young artists. It was indeed a great way to end the residency and meet the local community. 

The evening ended with a lovely dinner and a great farewell party that lasted until the very morning. 

Three weeks later, on the 16th of August, a few of the residency participants set up the first Independent AIR exhibition located in an empty store in the Torve Centre, kindly lent to us by the owners. 

All in all, we would like to thank the participants, guests, our volunteers, Silkeborg municipality, Line and Bjarne, the local community in Silkeborg and everyone else who was part of the first Independent AIR residency. Is was amazing!