© Jens Olof Lasthein | 2016

© Jens Olof Lasthein | 2016

Artists in residence and mentors

Each year The Independent AIR invite selected artists and mentors to take part in the residency. The artists in residence are selected through an official open call or by invitation. 
The mentors are invites to present their work and practise, as well as joining the group discussions, acting as an experienced counter parts to the residents, giving advise and guidance on their projects and processes. 

Mentors 2016/2017

Esther Teichmann

Adam Jeppesen

Artists in Residence 2016/2017

Bärbel Praun

Clément Verger

Sissel Thastum

Michele Palazzi

Mentors 2015

Antoine D'Agata

Jacob Aue Sobol

Trine Søndergaard

Special guests 2015 Der Greif: Simon Karlstetter and Leon Kirchlechner

Artists in residence 2015

Igor Pisuk

Sarah Michelle Riisager

Jiehao Su

Hiro Tanaka

Rebecca Topkain

Youmna Geday

Tatyana Palyga

Lua Ribeira

Constantin Schlachter

Mentors 2014

David Barnes

Adam Jeppesen

Jens Olof Lasthein

Artist in residence 2014

Clementine Schneidermann 

Leslie Moquin

Catarina Fontoura

Alexander Bondar

Lina Hashim

Christoph Soeder

Sebastian Bruno

Trine Christensen

Chiawen Lin

Andrei Nacu

Mentors 2013

Ulrik Heltoft

Ada Bligaard Søby

Maria Fonfara

Artists in residence 2013

Sybilla Wester Tuxen

Veronika Geiger

Michael Alberry

Denise Myers

Conrad Bosshard

Lise Dua

Jamie Murray

Florian Jomain

Berit von Enoch

Alex McNamee