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 Voices in the Anthropocene

We are living in an era where human interference on the planet has left deep and permanent traces – the Anthropocene. What, if anything, can art contribute to this reality?  What role does aesthetics have in the public debate on large societal problems such as climate change? 

In order to reflect upon the changing nature of our planet, as well as the relationship of our species to itself and its surroundings, the Independent AIR would like to invite you to think about the Anthropocene as a pulsating and kaleidoscopic construct- one deeply immersed in history, politics and philosophy. 

Through a series of events in Aarhus in August 2017- an ambitious programme including an exhibition, a book launch, artist talks as well as poetry readings, music and lectures- this topic will be brought alive and reflected upon in different ways.  



Photo by Michele Palazzi


About the exhibition

The exhibition explores the role and critical voice of art in the public debate around the Anthropocene. It encourages the viewer to think about new roads to ambark on- as well as new values worth exploring. It points to our temporary lives on this planet and the humbling experience of realising that we are here on borrowed time, with the need to reflect on the fragility and complexity of our relationship to the planet’s greater systems.

Through photography, video and sculpture the artists in the exhibition examine the anthropocene as a complex interwoven reality- one deeply immersed in history, politics and philosophy. It will be an immersive and visually striking journey through contemporary reflections on a deeply haunting subject.



We can stay here while we wait. Voices in the anthropocene

The Independent AIR has edited an anthology with poetic, literary, scientific and philosophical texts to accompany the artistic exploration of the Anthropocene. The book is constructed as a choir with different voices, that while singing in different tones and depths, comes together in unison to comment and expand in a multidisciplinary way on the planetary crisis as a living and critical subject. 

The limited edition book can be bought at the exhibition as well as through



Practical info

Open on weekdays from 11am - 6pm

Weekend 11am - 8pm

Free Admission

Group tours welcomed by appointment (in extended opening hours)

Contact: / 0045 29 82 12 32


Opening 11.08, 5 - 8pm

Exhibition 12.08 - 02.09

Kalkværksvej 7, Sydhavnen i Århus




Opening 11.11

Exhibition 12.11 - 02.12

Campus Bindslevs Plads, Silkeborg




Symposium Nights

Deep listening, poetry readings, performance and more




18.08 at 3pm – 4pm

Iceprint Performance – Art experiments with melting ice

Experience abstract man made climate changes with the Iceprint Performances by Hardy Brix. The prints will be exhibited from August 25. - 27. 


19.08 at 3.30pm – 5.30pm

Deep Listening –The sound of the world

Encounter the Anthropocene with your body and senses in a participatory music session. Experience being part of the wider world when Morten Svenstrup guides you through a deep listening session in the form of musical meditation and a collective concert.


23.08 at 4.30pm – 6.15pm

Poetic perspectives on the Anthropocene

Young writers relate their poetry to the global ecological crisis we are currently confronted with. The night will feature readings with the poets Liv Sejrbo Lidegaard and Theis Ørntoft as well as a panel discussion with several invited guests.


30.08 at 4.30pm – 7.30pm

Sustainability and hope in the Anthropocene
(food and drinks included)

Learn about the Anthropocene and its possibilities for the future when professor Finn Arler and associate professor Micky Gjerris present and discuss different aspects of the global environmental crisis we are in. After the lecture, sustainable fire made food will be presented and served by food counselor Lise Faurchou Hastrup.


01.09 at 5pm – 6.30pm, or as long as you want to stick around

The crisis of biodiversity – On forgotten nature, space on Earth and insects as the protein source of the future

Nature doesn’t have enough space, and yet it is everywhere. How do we create space and sustain a still growing population? Listen to biologist Lars Brøndum from Rethink Urban Habitat and the Aarhus-based project ENOR talk about "forgotten nature", man-made landscapes and insects as the protein source of the future. We end the night with a small closing party.


Artist talk in the living room

Would you like an artist to visit you in your living room?


Host an international photo artist in your own home for an evening and let them tell you about their projects that focus on the state of the Earth today.

How do young artists with different cultural and artistic backgrounds depict the world? How have they been working with social and environmental themes, and why did they choose these subjects?

If you invite family and friends into your living room, we will provide three international artists and even bring cake. The duration will be a few hours.

Artist talks in the living room is grounded in five artistic projects that have developed in the art lab of The Independent AIR’s residency program in Portugal in 2016/17.

The artists are all dealing with the Anthropocene as a pulsating and living construct, one deeply immersed in history, politics and geography. They explore the topic from different perspectives, ranging from the interconnected spirit, to plastics, politics and plants.



Practical info

Where: In your own living room

When: Århus 12. og 13. August 7.30pm - 9pm

Silkeborg den  12. og 13. November 7.30pm - 9pm

Sign up: First come first serve


The independent AIR


The Independent AIR is an international non-profit organisation. Our field of work is centred around residencies, workshops, networks and exhibitions. We focus on dialogue, community and creative processes that discuss the role of art and the artist in relation to society and the earth. Practical sustainability is central to our activities.

In 2016 and 2017 we established an artistic laboratory and residency at Moinho da Fonta Santa - a beautiful location in the sparsely populated area of Alandroal in Portugal, south east of Lisbon. For this residency, the Anthropocene was explored in all its forms with 4 young international artists living and working together for six months. The artists researched and developed projects as a reaction to the malaise of the 21st Century; their projects, preoccupations and sensitivity inviting them to expand on the debate into a space where scientific and linear logic cannot go.

The results of the residency can be seen at the exhibition and publication We can stay here while we wait

Environmental- and project coordinator: Line Thastum
Curator and project coordinator: Maya Byskov
Assistant curator and project coordinator: Sissel Thastum
Exhibition coordinator,Press and PR: Stinus Duch
Web: Pi Bartholdy




Thanks to

Our indispensable volunteers
All our generous project staff and collaborators
Professor Finn Arler - for mentoring and support
Adam Jeppesen and Esther Teichmann - for professional and indispensable support as tutors
Moinho Da Fonte Santa – for opening the door and the heart of our art laboratory
Spain 19B – for opening the doors for our exhibition and events
Niels Borch Jensen Gallery & Editions for generously lending artworks
All sponsors and foundations supporting The Independent AIR