State of the Art Network

A Multidisciplinary collaboration facing the Anthropocene 

Initiated and hosted by The Independent AIR
Curated by Erich Berger/Bioart society, Marietta Radomska/The Posthumanities Hub, Andrea Pontippidan/Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology and Line & Sissel Thastum/The Independent AIR
Funded by Statens kunstfond, Nordic Culture Point and Nordisk kulturfond.

How can Nordic and Baltic photographic art, literature, researchers, cultural organisations and institutions deal with the Anthropocene Epoch? How can we work with the subject and how can we collaborate across national borders, disciplines and artistic methodologies?
With these questions in mind we would like to gather a group of Nordic and Baltic players from different arts and knowledge areas that work with, or interested in the subject, for a seminar where we can discuss opportunities, challenges and goals for how we can jointly benefit from each other's work and together make a difference.

In October 2018 a group of Nordic and Baltic artists, writers, researchers and art organisations came together in Silkeborg, Denmark to share their practice, inspire each other and discuss the role of art and multidisciplinary collaborations in the light of the current global ecological crises.